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movie-going stat freak stuff redux

Back in 2004, I had a post titled "movie-going stat freak stuff" that ... well, let's cut-and-paste:

"Movielens makes recommendations for movies to see, based on ratings you enter for films you've already experienced. It also offer recommendations for groups of people who have entered data, so if you're renting a DVD or going to the show, it'll tell you what the group would want to see. Being anal, I've rated 732 movies so far.

"A new feature on the site is a stats page that tells you all sorts of stuff. You know I'm gonna post some of the results here."

It's been 16 years, must be time to update. After all, those 732 ratings have grown to 2,363. First was this:

The five least often rated movies that I've rated ... I'd say these were the Obscure Movies Steven Has Seen except they aren't all obscure:

1. Tales of Ordinary Madness
2. The Chase
3. Paid in Full
4. Pipe Dream
5. In This World
This list has had a complete turnover. The top five now:
1. Glastonbury Fayre
2. The Nasty Rabbit
3. Light from Light
4. Rock, Rock, Rock!
5. Paju
Next was this:
A list of movies I don't like as much as other people do. Four of these five are still on the list, albeit in slightly different order:
1. I Am Sam (now #2)
2. Se7en (now #1)
3. Stardust Memories (now #4)
4. Tetsuo (The Iron Man) (now #3)
5. Risky Business (bumped from the list in favor of The Life of David Gale)
Average ratings by genre, with the older rating in parenthesis and a couple of genres now missing and thus removed:
War 3.83 (3.7)
Documentary 3.79 (3.68)
Drama 3.60 (3.42)
Romance 3.54 (3.59)
Animation 3.53 (3.17)
Mystery 3.50 (3.57)
Crime 3.50 (3.47)
Western 3.45 (3.47)
Thriller 3.41 (3.27)
Adventure 3.39 (3.35)
Fantasy 3.38 (3.47)
Action 3.36 (3.21)
Comedy 3.35 (3.19)
Sci-Fi 3.22 (3.2)
Horror 3.19 (3.34)

(The original post also had MovieLens recommendations, but I don't really use it for that anymore.)


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