geezer cinema: bad education (cory finley, 2019)
african-american directors series: if beale street could talk (barry jenkins, 2018)

music friday: haim

Haim is a band of three sisters from the San Fernando Valley. They started in a cover band, Rockinhaim, that featured their parents. The sisters, from oldest to youngest: Este (she's the bass player, she's 6 feet tall, has Type 1 Diabetes, and has a degree in Ethnomusicology), Danielle (she's the lead guitarist, she's usually the lead singer, she drums on some of their songs, and I think she's also the main songwriter ... she has worked as guitarist and drummer with Julian Casablancas and Vampire Weekend), and Alana (guitar, keyboards, vocals). All of them are multi-instrumentalists.

I first noticed them when I watched several of their live performances of the Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac cover, "Oh Well":

"Want You Back" is not only insanely catchy, but it has this video ... for some reason, Haim has a lot of videos where they are walking, often around L.A.:

This video inspired several tributes, of which this one might be the best:

They've been on SNL twice:

Their new album, Women in Music Pt. III, is their most critically acclaimed to date, receiving an 88/100 from Metacritic. This video is co-directed by Danielle and Paul Thomas Anderson, who has worked on a few videos for them:

Did I mention they all play the drums? (Fine guitar solo, too.)


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