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geezer cinema: driveways (andrew ahn, 2019)

music friday: concert highlights

One for each letter, except for I, X, and Z. Artists I've seen over the years, with the actual year I saw them when I remember.

GG Allin (1989). The setlist that night: Outlaw Scumfuc / Dope Money / Die When You Die / Abuse Myself I Want to Die / Caroline & Sue / Jesus & Mother's Cunt / Makin' Love to the Microphone Stand / Dogshit
The Bobs (1983?) Acapella group that specialized in covers like "Helter Skelter" and "Psycho Killer".
The Cramps (1979) Like a lot of these acts, I saw them when they opened for someone else. In this case, the headliners were The Clash.
Lee Dorsey (1980) Different concert, but Dorsey, too, opened for The Clash.
English Beat (1982) Believe it or not, another different concert, another group opening for The Clash.
Flipper (1980) They opened for Public Image, Ltd.
Peter Green (1968) Slight alphabet cheat, since I saw him with the band he created, Fleetwood Mac. In honor of his passing.
Pee-wee Herman (198?) This was The Pee-wee Herman Show, which ended up on HBO when he played L.A.

That's the immortal Phil Hartman as Captain Carl, while the singing duo was known as Rick and Ruby in the Bay Area. I met "Rick" at a wedding in L.A. around the time of this show.
Etta James (1990) Clarence Clemons opened this show.
B.B. King (1971) One of the concerts I attended when I lived in Bloomington, Indiana.
Los Lobos (1984) Would you believe me if I told you they opened for The Clash?
Paul McCartney and Wings (1976) The closest I ever came to a Beatles concert.
The Nuns (1978) Opened the notorious "Last Sex Pistols Show".
Orchestral Manouevers in the Dark (1982? 1984?) Got free tix from KALX. Not a big fan of synth pop in general, and my feelings weren't made any better when OMD had to stop the concert at one point to fix their computers.
Public Image, Ltd. (1980) My second time seeing John Lydon.
Quasi (2004) They opened for Sleater-Kinney, which was convenient since the two bands shared the same drummer.
The Tom Robinson Band (1978?) Saw them in a tiny club in Davis, got to meet them backstage.
Sun Ra (1979?) A friend took me. Not sure who the headliner was ... the other act was Cecil Taylor. I preferred Sun Ra.
Ike and Tina Turner (1971). They opened the aforementioned B.B. King show. How's that for a double-bill?
U2 (1982) They opened for The J. Geils Band. They were great, although I was on mescaline and so can't be trusted. This marked the last time U2 opened for anyone.
Joe Venuti (1975?) Jazz violinist. For several years, we caught shows at the Concord Jazz Festival because we got free tix.
Barrence Whitfield (1980s?) Can't remember where I heard of him, but the word was, he put on a dynamite show. The word was right.
Neil Young and Crazy Horse (1978) Whenever I want to revisit this concert, I watch the movie Rust Never Sleeps, which was recorded at this show.



This is proof of how deep your concert going is! Los Lobos opening for the Clash and Ike & Tina for B.B. (and U2 as an opening act too)—“wish I was there” stuff almost every time.

Steven Rubio

It does look pretty good, all in one post like that :-).

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