tv catchup, part 2
spring, summer, fall, winter ... and spring (ki-duk kim, 2003)

tv catchup, part 3

GLOW. It doesn't get much more surprising than this. GLOW, based on a cheesy rassling show ("Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling") from the 80s, is funny, entertaining, and works as drama, as well. Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin are great as the leads, but the whole cast delivers. There is still one more season to go. This is my favorite clip from the show, even though some guys recorded it off their TV and they commentate. Brie's Zoya the Destroya demonstates a possible match, essentially wrestling with herself.

High Fidelity. From a Nick Hornby novel to a film with John Cusack, always very guy-oriented. This version benefits greatly from 1) making the main character a woman, and 2) casting Zoë Kravitz in the role. She's the best thing about it, although the supporting cast is appealing, as well. Never quite essential, but often fun to watch.

The Plot Against America. Anything David Simon does is worth your attention. Here, he and Ed Burns offer a miniseries based on the Philip Roth novel about an alternate history where Charles Lindbergh becomes president in 1940 and America turns fascist. As you can imagine, it feels familiar in 2020. Great cast, great writing, great world creating.

Vida. A show that was ignored by too many people ... I'd say that was because it was on Starz, but Outlander hasn't had any problem getting our attention (and Outlander should be on this list, I can't believe I forgot it). Vida is a Latinx series created by Tanya Saracho with some impressive new-to-me leads: Melissa Barrera, Mishel Prada, and Ser Anzoategui. It's about Latinx culture, and family, and gentrification, with a queer core. Hopefully, it will be discovered in future years.

I'm realizing I need a Part 4, which will cover Outlander, Watchmen, and anything else I've forgotten.


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