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tv catchup, part 1

For reasons unclear to me, I don't post much about television any more. TV used to be one of the Big Three, along with movies and music. Now, I'm more likely to have a post like this, where I catch up on a bunch of shows by giving them a couple of sentences when they deserve a couple of posts of their own. Here are ten shows, in alphabetical order, in three posts, that I've liked in the past season or so. Assume that if they are listed here, I think they would be worth your time for your next binge.

The 100. The final season is airing now. It has been my favorite show for awhile, although it's always been too much of a mess to be considered great. But it's made it through almost seven seasons, and it still doesn't stink. I still care about the main characters. And it still puts the post in post-apocalypse.

Agents of SHIELD. Honestly, this show has no business being as good as it is. At the beginning, it was like an afterthought in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the further away it got from the MCU, the better the show became. This final season is a delight, as they use time travel as an excuse for some great looks at the past.

Better Things. These things are in alphabetical order, but this is the best of the shows. If you only binge one series from these lists, this is the one. Pamela Adlon is a genius. And this is a great scene that also shows how far "basic cable" has come in the profanity department.



Yup, loving Agents of SHIELD this season. When May comes in from that interrogation and states,”He called me an Oriental” I actually did a spit take.

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