by request: raising cain (brian de palma, 1992)
geezer cinema: revisiting princess mononoke (hayao miyazaki, 1997)

breaking the quarantine

After a few months, our daughter and grandson came to visit. He's 7 1/2, and I can't say he's gotten smarter since we last visited, but he is definitely still smart. Probably smarter, to be honest.

I had an odd icon on my phone. Somehow I knew who to ask. I showed him my phone, which looked like this:


I didn't know what that circle in the icons at the top right was. He pulled down from the top of the phone to show a few icons in detail. Then he pulled down again, showing a full array of icons, including that circle, which was labeled "Data Saver". I must have turned it on by accident. I turned it off. Mystery solved, by the 7-year-old.

Then there's this. I was showing him old photos and asked him if he remembered this:

Three at game 6-30-19

Sure, he said, that was when we went to the Giants game. The game in question was at the end of last June, so almost a year ago. He proceeded to tell me that the Giants won that game, 10-4. I checked: He was right.

The kids these days.


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