the florida project (sean baker, 2017)
music friday: fillmore west, may 15, 1969

geezer cinema: the gentlemen (guy ritchie, 2019)

This will be short. I am not a fan of Guy Ritchie. That's not fair ... this is only the third movie of his I've seen, and I liked Sherlock Holmes a bit. But I really didn't like Snatch. The Gentlemen falls somewhere between the two.

The Gentlemen has a nice cast, although none of them are seen at their best. I laughed a couple of times, and I think I was even supposed to. The movie jumps around, there's always something happening, so you probably won't get bored. But seriously, so fucking what. The Gentlemen is the kind of movie where one character (played by Hugh Grant) narrates most of the goings-on. Apparently, Ritchie doesn't believe in show-don't-tell. When you need a character to explain everything as it happens, you haven't done a proper job of setting up those happenings. I don't watch movies to listen to someone read me the script.

Someone put together a YouTube video (it stinks, no reason to link to it) titled "The Gentlemen 2019 - All Best Scenes". It runs 12 minutes and 12 seconds. The actual movie runs for 113 minutes. If that seems like an enjoyable ratio to you, by all means, check out The Gentlemen.