the irishman (martin scorsese, 2019)
throwback thursday: iran in the u.s. 20 years ago

geezer cinema: star wars: episode IX - the rise of skywalker (j.j. abrams, 2019)

This should be quick. I am not the audience for Star Wars movies, and my take is largely irrelevant to anyone who loves the franchise. I've seen them all, but only once in most cases, and never remember who is who ... I forgot who the Sith were, and I never remember who is related to who.

The Rise of Skywalker struck me as a present for hardcore fans. I could be wrong, and I'm not sure how hardcore fans have embraced this one. What's important here is that I didn't get the present ... it wasn't for me. I kinda wish I was a hardcore fan, for it must be great to have new Star Wars movies to look forward to.

I liked The Rise of Skywalker while I was watching it. If the 142 minutes didn't exactly breeze by, neither was it boring. I thought it was nice that Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver were actually given characters with depth ... they weren't just icons in an epic ... and both actors delivered. On the other hand, unless it was meant as a joke, I wondered why they hired Keri Russell, a great actress with striking good looks, and covered her face with a helmet for the entire movie. (It admittedly was a pretty cool helmet.)

As for the action scenes, people who are used to CGI and love it ... and I know at this point that is probably most people, and that I'm showing my age ... don't get bothered by the same things that I find unfortunate. As with pretty much every action movie since Fury Road, I kept going back to that movie and finding The Rise of Skywalker falling short. But again, these are taste preferences. So take all of this with a grain of salt. I did like the moment when all of the good guys in their ships assembled to help save the day ... you knew it was coming, but that didn't stop it from being rousing. And the last line of the movie might have been predictable, but it was appropriate, even necessary.

I didn't think this movie stunk, but it fell into the category of "not as good as IV and V but better than I and II."


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