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music friday: the avengers, 1978

throwback thursday: the who the dead 1976

43 years ago today, we saw The Who and The Grateful Dead at a Day on the Green in Oakland. Here is part of my post about that show, slightly edited, from 2011:

who dead

This was 43 years ago. It’s an odd pairing, if you ask me. It was one of Bill Graham’s Day on the Green concerts. It was the only time I saw either band live, which matters more to me because Keith Moon was still around than for any other reason. My memory is, he was just fine that afternoon. Here is what they sounded like (bootleg-quality, but hey, it was 43 years ago):


And here is the entire set by the Dead, via Spotify:



I wish I was at even a small fraction of the shows you've been to. I did see the Dead but not in '76!! And by the time I knew The Who that train had passed. You da man!

Steven Rubio

It's funny, I never think I've been to that many shows. Even someone like Bruce ... seen him 36 times, but compared to many of the fans I know, I'm still in my baby steps. There was a time when I could remember every show ... to some extent, I can do that now because of this blog and the Internet, but I'm talking about when I hadn't been to very many, so it was easy to keep track.

1967: Judy Collins; Chuck Berry/Eric Burdon & the Animals/Steve Miller
1968: Paul Butterfield/Ten Years After/Fleetwood Mac (my older brother took me to all 3 of those shows ... I was 13-15 years old)
1970: Sha Na Na/Pacific Gas & Electric/Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks
1971: BB King/Ike and Tina Turner
1972: Mahavishnu Orchestra/Screamin' Gypsy Bandits (last two when I lived in Indiana)

Then in 1973 we got married and didn't have any money.

But once I signed on for the long haul at the factory, we had more money and I was more miserable, so concerts were a good way to feel better about life. That's when I really started going to shows. In '74, we saw Dylan & The Band, a Day on the Green with CSNY/The Band/Joe Walsh/Jesse Colin Young, then later Eric Clapton, and finally Lou Reed. It was on.

Of course, if it wasn't for Sleater-Kinney and Pink, I'd be mostly concert free in my dotage.

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