throwback thursday: the who the dead 1976
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music friday: the avengers, 1978

I've told this story several times. On January 14, 1978, a friend and I went to see the Sex Pistols at what turned out to be their last concert (at the time). One of the opening acts was The Avengers. The next day, my daughter Sara was born. Fast forward a few decades, and my daughter and Avengers' singer Penelope Houston crossed paths a few times ... I forget how, and by then, Penelope had been playing more acoustic. Sara told me she had met someone I might know, a singer who might have been a punk rocker at some point. Her name was "Penelope". I made the connection, and told my daughter I'd seen her new friend the night before Sara was born.

At this concert, Penelope Houston had just turned 19. I was 24. Sara, obviously, was still zero.