geezer cinema/film fatales #61: hustlers (lorene scafaria, 2019)
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Time for an update on Geezer Cinema. We've seen ten movies now, one a week, taking turns picking the movies, starting with my wife Robin.

One thing I hadn't anticipated is that in general, these movies are bit below the standard I try to set. While I no longer include my ratings in movie posts, I still track them, and on a scale of ten, I usually average a bit over 7. But the Geezer movies so far are a bit under 7. I think I know why. All ten movies so far are recent, since we're going to the theater. I tend to give higher ratings to older movies. Plus, there are only so many current movies to pick from, whereas the rest of the time, I can pick from the entire history of film. In any event, each of us has picked five movies so far, with identical average ratings of 6.6. This is a sign that my wife knows how to pick them ... since I am the one giving the ratings, you'd think I'd rate my choices higher than hers, but that's not the case.

Here are the first ten Geezer Cinema choices:

Robin's picks:

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum
Spider Man: Far from Home
Hobbs & Shaw
Angel Has Fallen
Official Secrets

My picks:

The Farewell
Blinded by the Light
Toy Story 4

One unsurprising note: Robin's picks average just under 126 minutes, mine average 105.6.

Here is a letterboxd list with all our movies. This will be ongoing:

Geezer Cinema List


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