film fatales #60: craig's wife (dorothy arzner, 1936)
geezer cinema: angel has fallen (ric roman waugh, 2019)

revisiting attack of the crab monsters (roger corman, 1957)

Watched this for the gazillionth time. Might as well just cut-and-paste from the last time:

Nothing in the movie makes sense, although you can probably guess that from the title. Giant crabs eat humans and absorb their brains, after which they retain the memories and can speak in the humans’ voices, telepathically. Virtually every scene has something completely unbelievable, even without considering the premise. Compared to various other cheapo 1950s monster movies, Attack of the Crab Monsters ranks reasonably well. Every scene has action, an order Corman gave to screenwriter Charles B. Griffith. So the picture moves quickly, and it’s over in 62 minutes, so you don’t really have time while you are watching to consider how dumb it all is. On the other hand, the need to make something happen in every scene is one reason the movie is such a mess: there is no time for logic when each conversation must be quickly interrupted by a rampaging crab monster. Inspirational quote: asked why the brains inside the crabs have turned against their former friends and colleagues, Richard Garland explains, “Preservation of the species. Once they were men. Now they are land crabs.”



I wonder what's happened to movies like this over the years. I mean, Corman had a distributor and got into the movie houses. Where'd these kinds of movies go? Cable and straight to video in my youth, but now? Maybe straight to Vimeo? I've haven't seen many of his films beyond the Vincent Price ones. I might check out more over the next break :)

Steven Rubio

SyFy Channel cranks them out all the time. Heck, Sharknado had five sequels. Or take the Lake Placid "franchise". The first one was a "real" movie. SyFy made five sequels, including the immortal Lake Placid vs. Anaconda. They have their own style ... usually one B-actor you've heard of, cheap CGI monsters, tongue firmly in cheek. Outside of the Vincent Price movies, Corman's "must-sees" are A Bucket of Blood, and the original Little Shop of Horrors. Many of his movies feature the great Dick Miller.


Of course! SyFy might be the best example :) . Thanks for the recommendations!

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