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music friday: b.b. king, 1968

On June 6-8, 1968, The Mothers of Invention headlined shows at the Fillmore (first night) and Winterland (next two nights). The supporting acts were B.B. King and Booker T. and the M.G.'s. It's a good example of the kinds of diverse shows Bill Graham would put on in those days. The Mothers were experimental rock, King was blues, Booker and the M.G.'s were R&B. All are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Jazz Casual was a TV show out of KQED in San Francisco that ran occasionally from 1960-1968, shown on NET (which later became PBS). The host was critic Ralph J. Gleason. A look at Gleason's guest list boggles the mind: Dizzy Gillespie, Dave Brubeck, Carmen McRae, Sonny Rollins, Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, Mel Tormé, Count Basie, and many more. In May of 1968, the guest was B.B. King. It gives an example of what B.B.'s music was like at the time. The band is B.B. King (Guitar), Sonny Freeman (Drums), Jim Toney (Organ), Mose Thomas (Trumpet), and Lee Gatling (Saxophone).



Love it! Crazy stuff that Zappa and crew were the headliners even after "Live at the Regal." The mythic historian in me wants to say that would have never happened in the UK in '68, but I really don't know. B.B. after '65 is such a treat. I saw him in the 90's, by the time he was the undisputed king. One of the most electric feelings I ever had at a concert. Thanks for sharing the clip!

Steven Rubio

It's funny ... I thought I'd edited out the first paragraph, because this post was originally intended for June 7, but I dumped it after Dr. John died. When I retrieved it for today, that first paragraph seemed irrelevant, and I cut it ... but apparently I didn't save the edits, and now it's a big hit! :-)


Wow, and thanks! I didn't know about this series.

Steven Rubio

Gleason was a giant in the Bay Area (and elsewhere).

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