champions once again
geezer cinema: john wick: chapter 3 - parabellum (chad stahelski, 2019)

t-men (anthony mann, 1947)

Anthony Mann, known for his westerns in the 1950s (The Man from Laramie), made a few noirs in the 40s, of which T-Men is one. It's a compact B-picture, efficient if not exactly thrilling. Done in faux-documentary style, it tells the story of a counterfeiting case investigated by the Treasury Department. Star Dennis O'Keefe appeared uncredited in lots of 30s films you've heard of (Top Hat) before graduating to getting credits in B-movies like this one. He also turned up in a semi-connected radio version, T Man, in 1950. The rest of the cast are "that guys" most people today won't recognize, although June Lockhart of Lassie and Lost in Space has a small role. T-Men has a decent reputation today, but I didn't think it was anything special. Benefits from the work of Director of Photography John Alton.