t-men (anthony mann, 1947)
ten years ago today: my first and only no-hitter

geezer cinema: john wick: chapter 3 - parabellum (chad stahelski, 2019)

Who knows how long it will last, but now that my wife has joined me in retirement, we decided to go to the movies on Tuesdays (a bargain in some theaters). I'll call these movies "Geezer Cinema". She got first pick, and chose this movie.

I saw the first film in this series five years ago, although I missed the second. Here is what I wrote about it:

John Wick ratchets up the action, to be sure, but not to the extent the Raid movies manage. Also, most of Keanu’s work involves shooting people, and while the body count is impressive, and Keanu’s got the moves, eventually it gets kinda boring watching yet another gun battle/slaughter. Martial arts movies like the Raids offer much more variety, and thus, much less boredom.

This pretty much describes Chapter 3, which I suppose means it will be a big hit (good guess, Einstein ... it's already made a shitload at the box office). The third outing was fun for awhile, even a laff riot considering how over the top it was, but it went on forever and there were more guns with every scene. Oddly, there was a guy in the theater who kinda creeped me out ... came in late, sat in our row, used his outstretched arms to gauge where he wanted to sit, put a bag down, and sat. A little later, he got up, leaving his bag behind. He left and came back a couple of times during the movie, and I decided he was gonna blow us all up or something. And I thought, how ironic, we're being entertained by gun play, and for all I know, this guy has a gun and is going to kill us.

Coincidentally, I watched The Gauntlet just last week. There are similarities between that movie and John Wick 3, although the body count in 2019 is a lot higher than in 1977. I was also struck by similarities in the acting styles of Keanu Reeves and Clint Eastwood. Both underplay their roles so strongly that it is the defining feature of their acting. They work hard to hide the fact that they are acting.

For comparison, here's a scene from The Raid 2 ... this is John Wick's competition: