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Marta is arguably the greatest women's soccer player of all time. (I'm trying to be fair ... I think she IS the GOAT.) Today, she scored the only goal in Brazil's 1-0 win over Italy that ensured she'll play at least one more game for Brazil.

She has scored more amazing goals ... this was just a penalty. But not just any penalty. It was her 17th World Cup goal, which puts her alone at the top: no one, man or woman, has scored more World Cup goals than Marta.

On Twitter, the #1 topic was about Marta, but it wasn't the penalty. It was her lipstick, which practically broke Twitter. Some were surprised she wore lipstick. Others wanted to know the brand because, as one person tweeted, "I just think it's unfair that Marta's lipstick is flawless 70 minutes into a World Cup game and I can't ever get mine to stay nice for more than 30 minutes on a normal day". The Miami Herald was on it: "Brazil’s Marta and her lipstick get Twitter love after record-setting World Cup goal".

Eventually, the truth was revealed ... Marta was wearing Power Stay by Avon Brazil. Apparently, she has an endorsement deal or something.

I'll use any excuse to post my favorite Marta goal, one of those 17 World Cup goals: