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music friday: elvis: the rebirth of the king (mike connolly, 2017)

This is a not uninteresting look at Elvis from the BBC that treats him with respect as an artist, proposing that Elvis in Vegas was, at worst, underrated and at best, his peak. I'm not sure this tells hardcore fans anything they don't already know, but The Rebirth of the King could serve to counter those caricatures of Elvis in the 70s that are so prevalent with more casual fans. It's not junk, and it made for a fun 60 minutes.

Greil Marcus stands in for the critics, and he is eloquent when describing the '68 Special, offering insights in particular to "Baby What You Want Me to Do". Several of the people involved with the music Elvis made in the late-60s/early-70s turn up with some good anecdotes, many of which point to the professionalism Elvis the musician brought to the table in those days. As is often the case in documentaries like this, we only get snippets of songs, which has the feel of coitus interruptus.

An interesting connection is shown between Elvis and Roy Hamilton. Elvis loved Hamilton's work, and the film is pretty convincing at showing how his vocals were influenced by the R&B star (whose son is interviewed).

Here are a few highlights from the film, only I'm posting a fuller version of the songs.

And, for as long as it stays up, here is the full documentary: