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it happened to jane (richard quine, 1959)

One more visit with Doris Day. There's not much out there in streaming land ... Amazon has her TV series from the late-60/early-70s, and they also have this movie, and that's about it.

You can learn pretty much all you need to know if I tell you that Doris Day's character in this movie runs a lobster business.

It's a fairly typical rom-com of the late-50s, not as good as some of Day's efforts, but watchable. Most of the reason it is watchable is that Doris Day was a reliably consistent actress. It's not that she carries It Happened to Jane, it's just that she's a part of most of the good stuff. That's not quite accurate ... she makes the mediocre stuff passable. The movie is too silly to make it a classic, and the romance angle is not as foregrounded as it often was in her movies. But Day has plunk ... she is determined to get us through the movie, just as her character is determined to make her lobster business work. There's a greedy capitalist who sees the error of his ways, and everyone loves Day. I can't really recommend it, and it's not nearly enough to serve as a way to honor her passing. But I've seen worse movies. Jack Lemmon and Ernie Kovacs co-star.

The film bombed, even when re-released as Twinkle and Shine.



I remember loving "Pillow Talk" with Rock Hudson when I was young. That and "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" were always good entertainment when they were on TV. I'm surprised how little I see her tuff on TV nowadays.

Steven Rubio

Yes, I figured if I decided to watch something I'd have plenty of choices, but they aren't out there. Maybe TCM will do a festival.

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