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music friday: kidcutup

Having now enjoyed KidCutUp at two separate Pink concerts, I thought I'd give him a shout out here. He does a great job of bringing the crowd into his sets, even when the people aren't there to see him in the first place. His blend of current and older music appeals to an interesting cross-section ... at least, he knows what Pink fans want, from 8 to 80. My wife (65) isn't much of a fan of opening acts, but she likes KidCutUp, and it's fun to see her as she sings along to things like "Just a Friend". These don't give a real feel, but it's the best I could dig up. First, here he is in a studio:

Next, a poorly-recorded short taste of what his Pink shows are like:

And finally, he has a playlist on Spotify that will give you an idea of the kinds of songs he's liable to slip into a set:

KidCutUp: Beautiful Trauma Opening Set Playlist (Spotify)

Special bonus for my wife: