drunken master ii (chia-liang lu, 1994)
you were never lovelier (william a. seiter, 1942)

best ten tv characters of the last 20 years

OK, I've got to stop. Alan Sepinwall started a Twitter thread listing the ten best TV characters of the last 20 years. Which was interesting, but he's been posting replies to his own thread, each one adding another 10 to the list, and for all I know he's going to keep adding until we've all gone to bed. Plus, there's an unstated but eventually obvious note: all of his suggested best are female characters. So, just looking at the ones he has posted as of the time of this writing, working off the top of my head without coming up with any choices of my own because this is a lazy post, here are my choices for the ten best female TV characters of the last 20 years that Alan has listed so far ... you'll note I cheated because I came up with 12, so I combined two pairs from the same show. The order is semi-random. And yes, I'm sure I've left out plenty of good ones.

  • Nora Durst
  • Laura Roslin/Kara Thrace
  • Elizabeth Jennings
  • Mags Bennett
  • Fleabag
  • Abbi/Ilana
  • Fiona Gallagher
  • Livia Soprano
  • Liz Lemon
  • Karen Sisco

And an honorable mention, since I didn't see them, at least not yet, on Alan's lists ... Clexa: