throwback thursday: the wild bunch (sam peckinpah, 1969)
managing expectations

music friday: 50 years ago at fillmore west

A momentous night for one group of fans. First, to get the opening acts out of the way. The Sir Douglas Quintet are listed as the first act, but there is some evidence that they were replaced by Frumious Bandersnatch. The Quintet, one of the essential Tex-Mex bands, had a sizable hit in 1965 with "She's About a Mover". Later in the 60s, they moved to the Bay Area. Their 1968 album Sir Douglas Quintet + 2 = Honkey Blues was a favorite of mine, with song titles like "You Never Get Too Big and You Sure Don't Get Too Heavy, That You Don't Have to Stop and Pay Some Dues Sometimes". In late 1968, they hit again with "Mendocino", which prompted an album of the same name that was released the month after this show. Doug Sahm was the main man, with legendary Augie Meyers on Vox organ. Since I'm not sure if they even played at this show, I'll cut this part short. Here they are on Hugh Hefner's TV show, Playboy After Dark:

Frumious Bandersnatch were a local band that barely recorded ... the little that they did put out wasn't released until 1996. Here is what they sounded like:

Pentangle was the second supporting act. Pentangle was something of a supergroup of musicians from the British folk scene: Bert Jansch and John Renbourn were established recording artists, and in Pentangle they were joined by singer Jacqui McShee and a rhythm section of Danny Thompson and Terry Cox. Their debut album, The Pentangle, was released in May of 1968, and got a lot of play, at least in our neck of the woods. Here they are in 1968:

I've really buried the lede here. I mentioned this was a momentous night, and it was, for headliners The Grateful Dead. This was the third show in a four-night stand, and those concerts were the source for their first live album, the classic Live/Dead. None of the shows from March 1 made it onto that album, but that concert made it onto a 10-CD box set, Fillmore West 1969: The Complete Recordings. It included an encore of "Hey Jude". Here is a lo-fi audio recording of that show:

And if you don't have time for the whole show, here's "Turn on Your Love Light" from Live/Dead:



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