film fatale: agnès varda, 1928-2019
film fatales #54: shirkers (sandi tan, 2018)

music friday

Some Wikipedia items about this week's artist:

"The book British Hit Singles & Albums states that he was "Britain's most successful album act before the Beatles...the first act to sell over one million stereo albums and [have] six albums simultaneously in the US Top 30".

"His records were regularly used for demonstration purposes in stores selling hi-fi stereo equipment, as they were produced and arranged for stereo reproduction. He became the first person to sell a million stereophonic records."

He "starred in his own syndicated television series ... which was produced in England and which aired in the United States ... Thirty-nine episodes were filmed".

"Author Joseph Lanza stated that [he] was a leader in the use of new studio technologies to 'create sound tapestries with innumerable strings', and that 'the sustained hum of [his] reverberated violins produced a sonic vaporizer foreshadowing the synthesizer harmonics of space music.' ... Variety ... [called] him 'the biggest musical phenomenon of the twentieth century'."

Wikipedia lists 50 albums (it's not complete).

And depending how old you are, I bet you've never heard of him. But his name was synonymous with a certain kind of music, such that even now, the only way I can think of to label his music is to use his name: Mantovani, who died on this date in 1980.

Here is his 1951 hit "Charmaine", which hit #10 on the charts and was on them for 19 weeks: