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music friday: 49 years ago at fillmore west

Continuing a theme from last week, here's a look at the show at Fillmore West on February 1, 1970.

The opening act was Ten Wheel Drive. They are noteworthy because of their lead singer, Genya Ravan, who has had an interesting career that includes several solo albums, a producer's credit for the first Dead Boys album, and DJ work on Little Steven's Underground Garage. She was played by Castle star Stana Katic in the movie CBGB. Ten Wheel Drive made three albums when Ravan was in the band ... the second, Brief Replies, came out in 1970 and was probably featured in their set that night. Here is the oft-covered "Stay With Me":

Next up was Sha Na Na ... do the youngsters of today need to be told who these guys were? They played at Woodstock and got a 90-second clip in the movie of the festival. They've made a lot of albums over the years, but they made their reputation as a live act. They had a syndicated TV series from 1977-1981, and they were in the movie version of Grease, as Johnny Casino and the Gamblers. I saw them headline a show at Fillmore West in June of '70, and they were pretty entertaining.

Headlining the show was The Steve Miller Band. They released their first (and best) album in 1968, later than most of the big local bands (Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company). Boz Scaggs was with the band for their first two albums. I saw them at the Fillmore in 1967. Miller later became a pop star, starting with "The Joker", but his band was psychedelic blues at first. Their most recent album as of this particular concert was Your Saving Grace.

I'm giving Miller extra space. One of his all-time geetar classics was "Your Old Lady", an Isley Brothers tune he performed on the soundtrack to a movie called Revolution. Dumb lyrics, once he plays the guitar it doesn't matter.