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Dick Miller died yesterday at the age of 90. The IMDB lists 182 acting appearances for him ... that number seems low. I imagine he was a favorite of just about anyone who recognized him in one of those 182 films. Here is a two-part retrospective of Miller's work ... note that this was done 9 years ago, he made another dozen appearances after this!

In his honor, I watched Rock and Roll High School, one of my very favorite movies. Miller's part is short, but memorable. I don't think I've ever written about Rock and Roll High School. I ought to ... it's been my friend for 40 years. In the meantime, some Ramones-centric clips. First, one of the all-time greatest entrances in rock and roll movie history ... one of my favorite parts of the movie is that The Ramones are presented as the equal of The Beatles ... in the world of this movie, they rule.

The concert:

And "Do You Wanna Dance":