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12 i missed, revisited

Ten years ago, following up on a meme of the times, I looked at "Twelve movies you haven't seen that you should have seen and are embarrassed to admit you have missed." Over the last ten years, I have managed to see all 12 (links provided when I could hunt them down ... a reminder that you can see every movie I ever wrote about on the blog here):

Tokyo Story.



Children of Paradise.




Andrei Rublev.

La Strada.

Pather Panchali.

Au hasard Balthazar.

The Mirror.

If I were to redo this meme, using the same methodology as before (basically, what movies from They Shoot Pictures, Don't They I haven't seen, ranked from the top), this is what I'd find. If I'm still around in ten years, I'll check again:


Once Upon a Time in America

The Mother and the Whore

Hiroshima mon amour

Letter from an Unknown Woman

A Brighter Summer Day

A Day in the Country

Rome, Open City

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

Histoire(s) du cinéma

Beau travail

Come and See

Ten years ago, I also listed the top 12 American movies I hadn't seen. Here is an updated version of that (the ones in bold are repeats from ten years ago):

Once Upon a Time in AmericaLetter from an Unknown Woman, The Crowd, Only Angels Have Wings, Meshes of the Afternoon, Love Streams, Lost Highway, Stranger Than Paradise, Man of Aran, Heaven's Gate, Chelsea Girls, The Dead.

Finally, since this is easier than it was ten years ago, the top 12 movies from the 21st century I haven't seen:

Russian Ark, Werckmeister Harmonies, The Turin Horse, Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks, Inland Empire, Zhantai, Silent Light, Syndromes and a Century, Good Bye Dragon Inn, Holy Motors, Songs from the Second Floor, Still Life.