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on this day: the readymades and me

On this day two years ago, I wrote a post ... it was an On This Day before I started using that idea. The post was about seeing Patti Smith at Winterland on May 13, 1978 (40 years ago today!). One of the opening acts was The Readymades, and I mentioned them in that post from two years ago, as follows:

The Readymades seemed to open every show we went to in those days, at least when it wasn’t Pearl Harbor and the Explosions. Their singer was Jonathan Postal, who has had an interesting career as a photographer. It was The Readymades who headlined a show around 1980, maybe at the Longbranch, can’t remember ... I was going to see a shrink at the time, paying, I don’t know, $25/session or something like that. I went to see The Readymades for $5, slammed around in the pit, and walked out feeling great. The next time I visited the shrink was my last ... I told him I got more of my money’s worth at The Readymades show.

Hope had a hold on me ... the timeline in the above anecdote doesn't match my recollections (of course). but whenever it was, I clearly thought I'd figured out the key to happiness, therapist be damned. Hope didn't last ... not long after this, I ended up in therapy again after freaking out at my house one night. And 20+ years later, I finally went on meds, after hearing the magic words, "Bipolar II".