20 faves #2: james brown, live at the apollo
music friday: 1984

20 faves #3: the beatles, a hard day's night

3rd of 20, roughly by chronology.

The Beatles covered enough artistic ground in their career that choosing a favorite album also serves as an indication of your favorite period in their history. You're also dealing with the pre-Sgt. Peppers differences between UK and US releases. (This is especially noteworthy in the case of many people's fave Beatles album, Revolver ... the US version simply removes three songs sung by John, which was a really bad idea.) My favorite signifies my preference for the earlier work by the group over the more polished material that came later, which I suppose makes me a rockist. There are no bad tracks on my fave Beatles album ... it's probably not a coincidence that A Hard Day's Night (UK) has no covers, or, for that matter, nothing but songs written by Lennon-McCartney.

A hard day's night