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music friday: 1983

New Order, "Blue Monday". One commenter was surprised "Temptation", my favorite New Order song, didn't make the 1982 list, so let's rectify the problem with the best-selling 12-inch single of all time. When I saw them in 1985, they played this one. They didn't play "Temptation".

The Eurythmics, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)". Amazingly, this was only the 4th single released from the album that bears its name.

Melle Mel, "White Lines (Don't Do It)". The YouTube video makes the common mistake of attributing this to Grandmaster Flash, who isn't anywhere on the track. "Borrowed" from a Liquid Liquid track, later covered by Duran Duran. I'd be surprised if anyone paid attention to the parenthetical addition to the title.

Randy Newman, "I'm Different". "I ain't sayin' I'm better than you are, but maybe I am."

Cyndi Lauper, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun". At the time, people compared her to Madonna, and lines were drawn in the sand, as if you had to pick one or the other.

Womack & Womack, "Love Wars". Christgau called the husband and wife duo "Ace singers and songwriters (as opposed to singer-songwriters)".

Charly García, "Nos siguen pegando abajo 'pecado mortal'". "They keep beating us down (mortal sin)".

Joan Armatrading, "Drop the Pilot". She had been making albums for more than a decade when this was released in 1983. She has never stopped recording ... at age 67, she's got a new album coming out next month.

The Sisters of Mercy, "Temple of Love". In goth we trust.

Marianne Faithfull, "Falling from Grace". After the astonishing Broken English, who knew where her career would go? At this point, it was a kind of cleaned-up extension of Broken English. Later she morphed into Edith Piaf singing Kurt Weill. We saw her in 1983, and again when her later period arrived. She made us fall in love with her all over again both times.



These are some deep tracks for 1983--well done! I turned 11 that year but I haven't heard 6 of the above. Of course, my musical world was probably not all that broad.


Thanks for reminding me how much I miss Craig Ferguson on Late Night.

Steven Rubio

To think, when he got the job, I barely knew who he was.

Steven Rubio

To be fair, I barely knew some of them, either.

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