and when we die
local hero (bill forsyth, 1983)

music friday: 1981

Gary "U.S." Bonds, "Jole Blon". The man whose first hit was "New Orleans" sings a Cajun classic. This song was part of the second coming of Bonds' career, with Bruce Springsteen's help. We saw Bonds in a club when he toured behind that album, and Bruce showed up, still the only time in all these years that we've attended one of Bruce's legendary drop-ins.

Soft Cell, "Tainted Love". Cover of a mid-60s soul song by Gloria Jones, who later hooked up with Marc Bolan, who was an influence on Marc Almond, the singer with Soft Cell.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, "I Love Rock 'n' Roll". Cover of a mid-70s song by The Arrows. On a roll with these cover versions ... but it ends here.

Bauhaus, "Kick in the Eye". I didn't pay much attention to them in those days ... there were a lot of synth-pop bands that blended together in my mind, although Bauhaus has a funky approach that at least made me want to listen to Gang of Four.

The Pretenders, "Message of Love". The tail end of the great, short run of the original band. Chrissie Hynde was already 28 when they released their first record.

Bobby Womack, "If You Think You're Lonely Now". At the time, this marked a comeback for Womack, who had been recording as far back as 1954, when he was 10.

Kim Wilde, "Kids in America". Wilde's first hit was written by her brother and her father. Wikipedia fact of the day: "[S]he has branched into an alternative career as a landscape gardener."

Foreigner, "Waiting for a Girl Like You". Still had three years to go before the summit that was "I Want to Know What Love Is".

Prince, "Controversy". "People call me rude / I wish we all were nude / I wish there was no black and white / I wish there were no rules."

David Johansen, "Bohemian Love Pad". "You know the cockroach traffic in here / It's got me drinkin' too much beer."



Great list. I'm especially fond of Chrissie Hynde.

Steven Rubio

Chrissie has done better than most at remaining interesting in her later years. Nothing tops the first three albums, and at some point, "Pretenders" is just shorthand for "Chrissie Hynde", but there are worse albums by 65-year-old rockers than Alone. And she/they would be immortal even if they'd broken up after half the band died in 1982.


All so true.

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