music friday: 1983
20 faves #1: little richard, the georgia peach

does it matter where i write?

For the most part, I don't crosspost the things I write here. Once in awhile I'll do it on Medium, but I usually forget. Pretty much everyone I know is on Facebook, and that's where I'll find my biggest audience, if a big audience is what I'm after.

A week or so ago, a friend invited me to join the party, where we choose our 20 favorite albums. I've been posting to FB once or twice a day ... by the time I post this, I'll probably be through 19 of the 20. I might crosspost in reverse, still those FB posts onto the blog, one by one. Point is, on Facebook, the things I write, which are often quite similar to what ends up on this blog, get a lot more audience interaction.

Of course, on Facebook, we pretend we aren't writing for an audience. We're talking to our Friends. But I'm not sure the difference is all that great.

My first post, which included the first and second of the twenty, received 6 "Likes" and one comment. Next post had 8 Likes and 5 comments. The next post had 18 Likes, a couple of which were "Loves", and 4 comments. The 18th post had 9 likes, 7 comments. You get the idea.

I have no idea what this means.