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Donald Trump Is Right: The Oscars Have a Movie Star Problem

You know who’s a star? Spider-Man. You know who’s NOT a star? Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and even young Tom Holland, the three actors who have all slung sticky webs in the seven films that Spidey has appeared in during the last sixteen years. More germane to this conversation, though, you know who’s not an Oscar nominee? Spider-Man! ...

You know who IS a legitimate movie star? The Rock. No matter what movie Dwayne Johnson appears in, people flock to the theaters. You know who else? Liam Neeson, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, and Hugh Jackman. Sure, those four have a few scattershot bombs amongst their work this decade, but more often than not, when they make movies, fans buy tickets. Who’s got ten thumbs, made a popular movie in 2017, but did not get nominated for any Oscars this year, though? These five!



I'm not sure about this argument. I mean, I agree that the recent winners/nominees aren't bit box office people but I'm not sure the two always go together. Look at this list of top 50s box office stars: Some are Oscar winners/nominees but not all. John Wayne only had two actor nods and one Best Picture, right? That was in like 50 years of work. I feel like we're in the 80s again (Chariots of Fire, Ghandi, The Last Emperor, Out of Africa) kind of phase right now. Plus, the charge that the Oscars have become to Spirit Awards is as much a problem of the ways the Spirit Awards define "independent" as it is anything else.

At least a lot of these movies are good.

Steven Rubio

I think the piece is just arguing that the kind of movie stars that brought viewers into the Oscar telecast aren't on the telecast anymore. They are separating quality from stardom. Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand are great actors, but it's a stretch to say they are movie stars compared to the people on that 50s list. Gary Oldman is a master actor, John Wayne isn't, but even today, I bet John Wayne is a bigger star than Gary Oldman, and Wayne's been dead for almost 40 years.

For me, The Rock is the biggest movie star today. They should ask him to host the damn thing, I might even watch.


That's true. Kind of strange they didn't have more stars presenting. I guess their political goal of women (for #MeToo) and racial diversity (for #OscarsSoWhite) kind of lead them astray from thinking traditionally. But The Rock gives them 2 out of 3!

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