international women's day
by request: film fatales #38: american honey (andrea arnold, 2016)

music friday: 1976

The Sex Pistols, "Anarchy in the U.K.". Back when Glen Matlock was still in the band, on bass.

VIcki Sue Robinson, "Turn the Beat Around". Wendy Simmons on bass.

Thin Lizzy, "The Boys Are Back in Town". Phil Lynott on bass.

Lou Reed, "Temporary Thing". Bruce Yaw on bass. (I'm on a roll.)

Max Romeo & The Upsetters, "War ina Babylon". Boris Gardiner on bass.

Blondie, "The Attack of the Giant Ants". Gary Valentine on bass.

David Bowie, "Stay". George Murray on bass. No disrespect to Murray, but the reason this is my favorite Bowie song is the guitarists, Earl Slick and Carlos Alomar.

Heatwave, "Boogie Nights". Before I get to the bass player, a word about Rod Temperton, who wrote this song and played keyboards in the band. He later worked with Michael Jackson, writing such hits as "Off the Wall" (which sounds a lot like "Boogie Nights") and "Thriller". Mario Mantese on bass. In 1978, Mantese was stabbed by his girlfriend, and was clinically dead for a few minutes before going into a coma. A few months later, he awoke from the coma blind, mute, and paralyzed. He eventually recovered.

Patti Smith, "Pumping (My Heart)". Ivan Kral on bass.

Robin Trower, "Daydream". Cheating ... the song came out a couple of years earlier, although it did turn up on a live album that was released in '76. I saw him that year (second time). Obviously, when a band is named after the guitar player, he's the primary musician, but ... James Dewar on bass. Dewar is one of the most underrated blue-eyed soul singers of this time.

For all my jabbering about bass players (and I have no idea how I got started on that, I think because I wanted to highlight Wendy Simmons), there is some great guitar work here ... "Daydream" has always been my favorite Robin Trower song, and I've already singled out Slick and Alomar on "Stay". Here's a delightful 2-minute video where the guitarists explain how they came up with the guitar lick for "Stay":