film fatales #33: real women have curves (patricia cardoso, 2002)
film fatales #34: lady bird (greta gerwig, 2017)

music friday: pink, "beautiful trauma"

Asked to name my favorite song of 2017, I came up with "Beautiful Trauma". It's an unoriginal choice ... I am hopelessly behind on current music, but I always know what Pink is up to. The album Beautiful Trauma is fairly standard for Pink, top heavy with a few dynamite cuts and a lot of stuff that sounds good now but will likely be forgotten down the road. I prefer its predecessor, The Truth About Love, but that may be because I saw her twice on that tour ... she is such a fine performer, I tend to associate her songs as much with the live performances as the studio tracks.

"Beautiful Trauma" has a melody that sticks in my head ... I'm sure I've heard it before, although after a few months, I still don't know where it comes from. I like that Pink is saying "fuck" a lot in this song. She hasn't cussed as much since she started having kids. And one lyric stands out for me:

You punched a hole in
The wall and I framed it
I wish I could feel things like you

The official video is fascinating. It also gets bonus points for using the original, explicit lyrics.

Of course, Pink is famous for her acrobatic live performances, and she didn't disappoint when she sang the song at the American Music Awards, even if she didn't say "fuck":

We will be seeing her live in May, my sixth time. I can't wait.


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