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music friday: crosby, stills, and nash

On this date in 1984, I saw Crosby, Stills, and Nash at Candlestick Park, after a Giants game.

They weren't touring behind any particular album. Their most recent studio album, Daylight Again, had done well, but it was two years old. A year later came Allies, a mostly-live hodgepodge that didn't sell and has been out of print for decades. David Crosby was at one of the low points in his life: drugs, prison, general awfulness. You can get a feel for the kind of tour this must have been by looking at some of the venues. Just in the next couple of weeks after Candlestick, they played at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre, and something called the Sierra Sun Festival in Grass Valley, California.

I don't remember what songs they sang. I can tell you about the game, if only because that's something I can look up on The Giants won, 4-0, and Dusty Baker hit a pinch-hit, 3-run homer. The crowd was just under 20,000. The Giants were dreadful that year ... they had the worst record in all of baseball. It was also the first year I had season tickets.

I stuck around because, well, why not? I had seen CSNY ten years earlier, and had seen Y six years earlier. Since Y was missing from the Candlestick show, I didn't have a lot of interest. Still, there was a time when I played that first CSN album quite often. (Trivia note: the only time I can remember singing harmony on stage was for "Helplessly Hoping".)

The truth is, if I were to post some of their greatest hits, I'd offer Buffalo Springfield and the Byrds and the Hollies. Beyond the nostalgia value, I don't know what I'd include from the CSN(Y) grouping. "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" ... "Helpless" ... "Love Work Out" from C&N. I'm sure they did "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" at Candlestick. I know they didn't do "Helpless" because Y wasn't there. And far as I can tell, they didn't perform "Love Work Out" on that tour, if they ever did.

I also can't find any 1984 CSN on YouTube. So I'm left with these. First, "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes" at Woodstock:

And "Love Work Out", with guitars by Crosby, Danny Kortchmar, and David Lindley:

Finally, so Y doesn't feel left out, from the concert we saw:


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