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guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 (james gunn, 2017)

Just about every Memorial Day weekend, my wife and I go to Santa Cruz, where we spent our honeymoon, to celebrate our anniversary. And just about every one of those weekends, we see a movie, more often than not some popular new movie. (Well, the movie we saw on our honeymoon in 1973 was Hitler, the Last Ten Days with Alec Guinness.) Which is why we were at a multiplex to catch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

I was not the biggest fan of Volume 1 (5/10), so I wasn’t exactly looking forward to Vol. 2. So I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I liked it very much. But the thing that annoyed me the most about the first one (Bradley Cooper’s raccoon) wasn’t as obnoxious this time, for some reason.

There were a couple of things I actively liked. Dave Bautista’s laugh was always fun ... he took such joy in the simplest things. And it’s always nice to see Karen Gillan, although to be honest I don’t remember her from the first Guardians movie. Overall, I guess the best thing I can say about the movie is that it gave me little reason to hate it.

Although it came close. The father/son stuff didn’t do anything for me. And while I appreciate the attempt to add humor, I was reminded of what I said about the first one: “the dialogue isn’t exactly Whedon-esque”.

So I’m missing out. I’d much rather Marvel had somehow managed to get another season of Agent Carter on ABC. But this was an improvement on Volume 1. 6/10.



My favorite internet story of the other week was about a young girl, under 10, who went to see this and kept wondering when the talking fox was going to show up and save everybody. Turned out she was unaccompanied and had somehow ended up at a screening of Alien: Covenant. I saw GG2, thought it was moderately entertaining (soundtrack and Groot the best parts still), but can't bring myself to see the Alien, even though it's supposed to be good and Ridley Scott is directing. It's all franchises out there!

Steven Rubio

Reminds me of when my daughter was about that age. Her favorite movies were in the slasher genre. She'd pick out videos by the name of the director.

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