melancholia (lars von trier, 2011)
my night at maud’s (éric rohmer, 1969)

music friday: my daily mix

Awhile back, Spotify started creating “Your Daily Mix”. “Play the music you love, without the effort. Packed with your favorites and new discoveries.” Depending on how often you listen to Spotify, you’ll get one or more mixes ... the most I’ve gotten is six. As I type this, I have five mixes, and while the mix titles are mundane (Daily Mix 1, Daily Mix 2, etc.), they are clearly selected to make for reasonably smooth segues. So right now, “Daily Mix 1” includes Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young, Quicksilver Messenger Service and more, while Daily Mix 2 has Jimmy Reed, Professor Longhair, Junior Wells and more. Down at Daily Mix 5, there’s Sleater-Kinney, DEVO, Patti Smith and more. You get the idea.

Here are two songs from each of the current daily mixes:

The Rolling Stones, “Torn and Frayed

Fleetwood Mac, “I Don’t Want to Know

John Mayall, “Don’t Waste My Time

Robert Johnson, “Love in Vain

Joan Baez, “I Still Miss Someone

Linda Ronstadt, “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

Bobby “Blue” Bland, “36-22-36

The Everly Brothers, “Up in Mabel’s Room

Mekons, “1848 Now!

The Fall, “Flat of Angles