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music friday: talking heads, 9/16/78

On this date in 1978, we saw Talking Heads at the old Boarding House. This site includes an ad for the month when Talking Heads played there, and it’s interesting to see the kinds of acts that were featured.

There was Bill Kirchenbauer, a comedian/actor who the ad notes was “Tony Roletti from America 2-Night”. The Boarding House had many comedians ... Steve Martin recorded several albums there.

Next came The Randy Meisner Group (“of the Eagles”). I can’t quite make out the name of the opening act, but I think it was Caroline Peyton. If so, she was a member of a popular band in Bloomington, Indiana, when I lived there in 1971-2, named the Screaming Gypsy Bandits. I saw them open for The Mahavishnu Orchestra back then.

Right after Meisner, Brown and Coffey headlined (“Back from Europe”), once again with Peyton opening. I have to be honest, I have no idea who Brown and Coffey were.

At the end of the month, Carl Perkins showed up for three shows (“Blue Suede Shoes”, the ad informed us). The ad also notes “Comedians DOWNSTAIRS every show night”.

On the 15th and 16th of Seprember, 1978, Talking Heads topped the bill. I can’t find any information about who opened, but we saw Bobby Slayton there more than once ... this might have been one of those times. Talking Heads were touring behind their second album, More Songs About Buildings and Food, and the show was broadcast live on KSAN. Many bootlegs have appeared over the years. Here is the setlist, with links to YouTube audio of the songs when available:

The Big Country” “Warning Sign”

The Book I Read

“Stay Hungry”

Artists Only

The Girls Want to Be with the Girls

The Good Thing

Love-> Building on Fire


Found a Job

New Feeling” “Pulled Up

Psycho Killer


Take Me to the River" "I'm Not in Love"

Encore 2:

No Compassion



Good stuff. These are some high quality bootlegs overall. It's interesting how different they sound than the recordings. Still good but so much less polished maybe...

Steven Rubio

The KSAN live broadcasts usually sound good ... they must have had decent mixing people working on them. One of Bruce's most famous bootlegs, from Winterland in 1978, also came from a KSAN remote. I wonder if they sound less polished here because of the absence of the Big Show feel from later ... think of how Stop Making Sense is constructed as a movie, and also think of how many musicians they were using by then. Here, it's just the four of them. Also, the backing is fairly sparse, which is easier to record/mix.


Caroline Peyton! I forgot that you were in Bloomington right before I moved there. She recorded at the studio where I took a sound recording class. Big voice, unfortunately got hooked up with Mark Bingham, who might be a good producer but is not much of a songwriter.

Steven Rubio

I don't remember much about that Screaming Gypsy Bandits show. They were the opening act, of course, so I likely didn't pay them much attention. The main thing I remember is that we were very close to the front, first or second row ... the concert was in a converted movie theater ... and The Mahavishnu Orchestra were REALLY loud.

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