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music friday: what I like

Came across an article that prompted me to head straight to Amazon to buy a book. The essence is in the title of the article: “The Gap Between What You Like and What You Say You Like”. I felt this connected to last week’s Music Friday post, wherein I used, which tracks what I listen to, to see which tunes were my favorites of various randomly chosen artists. As I have noted in the past, doesn’t lie ... I may say I like one thing, but it will tell you what I really listen to. This isn’t exactly like that ... I’m not listing my most-played songs. I just find it interesting what songs I play most by artists I like. So here I go again, ten songs, in each case featuring my most-played track by the artist in question.

  • The Sir Douglas Quintet, “She’s About a Mover”. I would have said “Song of Everything”.
  • Nancy Sinatra, “Sugar Town. I would have said “Boots”, of course.
  • Miles Davis, “Godchild (“So What”).
  • Los Lobos, “Si Yo Quisiera (“Rio De Tenampa”).
  • The Byrds, “All I Really Want to Do (“Eight Miles High”).
  • Joan Baez, “There But for Fortune”. For once, what I say I like and what I do like actually match.
  • Kris Kristofferson, “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down”. I would have thought I never listened to him.
  • John Coltrane, “My Favorite Things (“A Love Supreme”).
  • Wanda Jackson, “Let’s Have a Party”. Not sure what I would say I liked ... this is as good as any, or maybe “Fujiyama Mama”.
  • The Band, “The Weight”. I feel so ordinary. I hoped it would be something like “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”.

[Edited to add Spotify playlist]


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