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My most-listened to tracks, by year, according to, which grabs my Spotify listening. I’ve included a track for each year that I listened to a lot. No, I don’t understand how James Taylor got on there. As usual when I check what I actually listen to instead of what I like to think I listen to, I am revealed as a music fan stuck in the 60s.


2006: The Beatles. “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)”. (Link is to an alternate take.)

2007: Bob Dylan. “Mr. Tambourine Man”.

2008: James Taylor. “Fire and Rain”. (Link is to a live version from 1970.)

2009: Bruce Springsteen. “Born to Run”.

2010: The Rolling Stones. “Moonlight Mile”.

2011: Wild Flag. “Romance”.

2012: Bruce Springsteen. “Badlands”. (Link is to a live version from 1978.)

2013: The Beatles. “Get Back”. (Link is to rooftop version.)

2014: The Rolling Stones. “Salt of the Earth”.

2015: Jefferson Airplane. “She Has Funny Cars”.