by request: pather panchali (satyajit ray, 1955)
blu-ray series #28: weekend (jean-luc godard, 1967)

music friday: tv

Black Flag, “TV Party.” We've got nothing better to do than watch T.V. and have a couple of brews.

Bruce Springsteen, “57 Channels (And Nothin’ On).” I bought a bourgeois house in the Hollywood hills.

Iris DeMent, “Let the Mystery Be.” Bunch of carrots and little sweet peas.

Gil Scott-Heron, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.” NBC will not be able to predict the winner at 8:32.

Lou Reed, “Satellite of Love.” I watched it for a little while. I love to watch things on TV.

Regina Spektor, “You’ve Got Time.” Remember all their faces.

Dave Edmunds, “Television.” I'll sit and watch it 'till it drives me mad, just so long as it's on I'm glad.

Blondie, “Fade Away and Radiate.” I hear how you spend night-time: wrapped like candy in a pure blue neon glow.

Five Blind Boys from Alabama, “Way Down in the Hole.” You gotta keep the devil way down in the hole.

Hüsker Dü, “Turn on the News.” With all the ways of communicating, we can't get in touch with who we're hating.