tv 2015: g’s
throwback to 2006

tv 2015: the h’s

Homeland. The word is that Homeland is much better this season. That speaks more to the quality of what came before. This was a great show in Season One, and an erratic but still occasionally great show in Season Two, but it has gone downhill since then, which is the norm for series on Showtime. This year’s improvement is thus something of a miracle. If you’ve never watched Homeland, this is not the place to start. Go watch Season One. After that, you are on your own. You can stream the show on Hulu, but I think you have to have a Showtime subscription.

Humans. An English series about a time in the future when robots in human form work as servants for humans. It airs in the U.S. on AMC. The first season had eight episodes; a second season has already been scheduled for 2016. It features the usual batch of English actors I’ve never heard of, all doing good jobs, with special kudos to Gemma Chan as one of the “synths”. Oh yeah, William Hurt shows up. Humans is a good combination of social commentary and personal experiences ... I wouldn’t say it breaks new ground, but it does well with the old ground. It’s certainly intelligent enough to maintain interest for another season. Season One streams for a fee on Amazon.