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tv 2015: m's through r's

Man in the High Castle. We’re about halfway through Season One (not sure if there will be more). They do a good job of world building, and there are some interesting performances from the supporting cast. But it’s rather slow, the leads don’t have a lot of charisma, and while High Castle is arguably Philip K. Dick’s most honored novel, it’s not my favorite (I like the drug books), so I’m respecting the series without loving it. Available on Amazon Prime.

Master of None. Only watched three so far, which is too soon to evaluate, but I can see why it’s getting good reviews. On Netflix.

Masters of Sex. A favorite, but I guess it’s lost its charm, because the season ended some time ago and we still have a few episodes to watch. Showtime Syndrome.

Mozart in the Jungle. I very much liked Season One, and just watched the first episode of Season Two. Looks to be more of the same, with the addition of Gretchen “It Girl” Mol. I like all of the actors on this one. Amazon Prime.

Mr. Robot. Intriguing, with a great performance in the lead by Rami Malek. I got through about half of the episodes, and then stalled, but I intend to finish the season.

Orange Is the New Black. Some say last season was a bit of a comedown, but I can’t tell the difference between the seasons, except I’m glad Jason Biggs is gone. Netflix.

Orphan Black. I’ve mostly lost interest in the plot, but Tatiana Maslany is so good, I’ll keep watching.

Outlander. One of the surprises of the year, at least for me. A bodice-ripping historical romance novel is turned into a TV series under the watchful eye of Ronald D. Moore. I put great faith in Moore ... otherwise I would have missed this series. It’s very good, and, as many have pointed out, it sees the bodies of men and women in a different way than we’re used to (i.e. much less male gaze).

Penny Dreadful. Still going strong through two seasons ... I gave the series so far an A-. Eva Green is terrific.

Rectify. I guess this is still My Favorite Show No One Else Watches. Moves at a snail’s pace, but is excruciatingly honest, and Aden Young in the lead is My Favorite Actor No One Else Watches.

The Returned. I often get lost in plots ... I don’t know what’s going on half the time. After two seasons of The Returned, I’m ready to say in this case, it’s not my fault. Atmospheric, but obstinately obscure.