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music friday: dad’s tape

Back in 2004, I wrote a post about the father of a friend. I encourage you to revisit that post. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Carol's dad, a man I never met but who must have been in his 70s at least, ... decided to make a tape for me from his old records ... I'm pretty sure at least some of them were 78s ... and so one day a tape arrived, lots of scratchy-sounding tunes. I listened to that tape again this morning, and it would be a remarkable mix from anyone, but that this septuagenarian pulled it out of his old record collection strikes me as lovely and fascinating.”

Here are a few of the songs inspired by that tape.

Bessie Smith, “I Ain’t Goin’ to Play Second Fiddle”.

Lead Belly, “Midnight Special”.

Memphis Minnie, “Selling My Pork Chops”.

Oscar Woods, “Evil Hearted Woman Blues”.

Georgia White, “I’ll Keep Sittin’ on It”.

Ray Charles, “Mess Around”.

Lena Horne, “Love Me or Leave Me”.

Benny Goodman Sextet, “Flying Home”.

Miles Davis, “Bitches Brew”.