what i watched last week
blu-ray series #23: the curious case of benjamin button (david fincher, 2008)

by request: ant-man (peyton reed, 2015)

Yesterday my wife told me I had to take her to the movies. I looked through the local listings and found little that I wanted to see that I thought she’d want to see. Finally, I tossed out Ant-Man, and it turned out that was one of her two choices. So Ant-Man it was.

At this point, I’m not sure I’m the audience for this. I see maybe one out of three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, so I’m never quite caught up. I saw the first Iron Man and the first Avengers, and I watch Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter. I’m a big enough fan of Hayley Atwell that I was glad to see her in Ant-Man, but I questioned her old-age makeup ... she looked maybe mid-50s, but shouldn’t she have been 70+ years old by then? (I didn’t see the second Captain America movie, where she was apparently even older.) Basically, what I’m looking for when I see one of the MCU movies is a standalone. I don’t mind that there are connections to other movies, and I can certainly see the appeal, but I don’t want to have to constantly ask questions about who is who.

Ant-Man works well for an audience member like me. There was more MCU-related stuff in the two brief segments during the credits than in the movie itself.

The movie was breezy. It didn’t look down on its audience, but neither did it take itself too seriously. The main actors were fine, and the occasional attempts to offer character background were unforced. A few of the special effects worked especially well ... I liked when Ant-Man was learning to work with ants, and there was real thought behind a couple of riffs (Thomas the Tank Engine, and The Cure, were among my favorites).

It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours at the movies. I didn’t expect any more than that. But I’m more excited about the upcoming season of Agent Carter. 7/10.