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How does this work with your theory of standing ovations? If he gets a standing O for walking to the plate, what should the reaction be when he hits a home run to send his team to the World Series?

Steven Rubio

The standing O was for hitting that home run.


Did he not get one at the game itself? I'm not arguing the achievement doesn't warrant two standing O's (it does), but just trying to figure out where this fits in the Fan Reaction Taxonomy.

Steven Rubio

Mass hysteria doesn't count as a standing ovation.

I hear where you're coming from. I could say that this week's standing O was the belated one he didn't get last year. But maybe I need a higher level for Fan Reactions.

I'm just thinking of games I attended, and relying on my pathetic memory. An obvious one is Rodrigo Faria. With the Giants, most of them come in the China Basin Era: David Bell, Barry's 756th, and Ishi's 2014 home run. Three of those four examples ended their respective games, so no standing O was possible. As for Barry, well, we were basically giving him a standing O every time he walked to the plate :-). As for what might be even better than a standing O, there's this:

But maybe this is the all-time best ... the only one that prompted me to write an essay about it:

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