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music friday: marianne faithfull

Inspired by my Throwback Thursday post of yesterday, here are ten songs by Marianne Faithfull. These are deep cuts, I suppose ... no “As Tears Go By”, nothing from Broken English. It’s just that I went through the archives and realized I’ve written about Faithfull on several occasions, and thought it might be nice if the accompanying videos were something other than “Why’d Ya Do It”.


1977: “I’m Not Lisa”. From her first album since the pop days, Dreaming My Dreams, re-released in altered form the next year as Faithless. Her voice is closer to “Broken English” than it is to “As Tears Go By”. This song was #1 on the Country charts in 1975 when the writer, Jessi Colter, released her original version.

1985: “Ballad of the Soldier’s Wife”. From a tribute album to Kurt Weill put together by Hal Willner, with Faithfull teaming with Chris Spedding. By this point, she’d recorded two follow-ups to Broken English, and had become an established member of the international music community (other participants on the album included Sting, Van Dyke Parks, John Zorn, Lou Reed, Carla Bley, Tom Waits, Todd Rundgren, and Charlie Haden).

1987: “Penthouse Serenade”. Strange Weather was her first post-junkie album. Willner returned. This song had been recorded by the likes of Nat King Cole and Tony Bennett.

1995: “Losing”. On A Secret Life, she worked with Angelo Badalamenti. This is a dark song.

1997: “Falling in Love Again”. Marianne as Marlene. From 20th Century Blues, a live album with Faithfull accompanied only by a pianist.

1999: “Vagabond Ways”. She actually wrote this one, and named the album after it. There even seems to be an official video:

2002: “Something Good”. Marianne covers Goffin/King, with a song made famous by Herman’s Hermits, on Kissin’ Time.

2005: “The Mystery of Love”. Marianne covers PJ Harvey. From Before the Poison ... Harvey is all over this one.

2008: “Solitude”. Marianne covers Billie Holiday. From Easy Come, Easy Go.

2014: “I Get Along Without You Very Well”. Marianne covers Hoagy Carmichael. From Give My Love to London.


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