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music friday: 1965

Inspired by Alex McNeil, who played music from 1965 last week, I give you music I remember at our house from that year (I turned 12 in June).

Alex played "She Belongs to Me" from Bringing It All Back Home, which was the first Dylan album I personally owned (having an older brother meant I didn't have to buy too many records until he went off to college in 1964). The one single from the album that charted was the song that kicked it off, "Subterranean Homesick Blues":

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues - HQ from Noisefield on Vimeo.

 In 1965, we were still buying the U.S. versions of Beatles albums (although my brother had a German version of Help!). "It's Only Love" was on the U.K. Help! and the U.S. Rubber Soul:


B.B. King's Live at the Regal was long my favorite of all blues albums ...  maybe still is. I can remember one night when my parents were away for the weekend, and me and a couple of friends were staying up late, getting high and listening to music with the TV set on with no sound. At one point, B.B. laid down one of his most mind-boggling licks, and we all stopped whatever we were doing and just listened with our mouths open. This video is of "How Blue Can You Get", which was also on the album. This version is from 1972 ... I saw him once, in 1971:


Finally, Alex included this song, "There But for Fortune" ... I didn't own it, but it often turned up on the radio, and I loved the guitar so much. I've told the story before ... I always wondered who was playing that guitar. I knew Joan Baez was singing, but never found any credits for the track. Then a few years ago, I found this video, and realized it had been Joan all along: