oscar run 5: boyhood (richard linklater, 2014)
carta a una señorita en parís

they shoot pictures, don't they, 2015 edition

It’s out! The 1000 greatest films of all time, according to some method I’ve never bothered to figure out. The top ten is virtually unchanged, with Citizen Kane still #1, with the only difference from last year being The Seven Samurai (#9) switching places with The Searchers (now #10). The 21st Century list is “coming soon”. I’m sorry to see Midnight Run and Swing Time fall off of the list.

I’ve seen 42 of the 77 new additions to the list. Of the entire list of 1012 films, I’ve seen 586, which is 58%. The highest-ranked film I haven’t seen is #26, Andrei Rublev. Then, I only remember seeing one movie by Tarkovsky, Solaris, way back in the day … my only memory is that I was bored, but I might have still been a teenager.

The top directors are Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrick, and Federico Fellini. I love one of those directors, like a second, am ambivalent about a third, and seriously question a fourth. At least Godard is #5.

For what it’s worth, the #1 film(s) on the Top 50 list I did on Facebook a few years ago are #7 (The Godfather) and #21 (The Godfather: Part II).

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