happy 13th birthday
what i watched last week

notes from a smart phone

It couldn't be worse timing. My hard drive died just as this blog turned 13. Whenever I reach one of these anniversaries, I start wondering why I continue. The absence of an actual keyboard doesn't exactly make me want to compose a post. Smart phones are better served by Twitter, where we only have to type 140 characters. (It's funny that I say "type", when I'm using SwiftKey, which only requires that I swipe my finger.) But when I don't post, it's as if nothing happened. I'm watching some new TV shows, but no post, didn't happen. The grandkid does something cute... Well, that happened because it shows up on Google Plus. But my usual blogging topics just disappear. And I'm already tired of writing on my phone, so all this post really is, is a reminder that I am still alive.