what i watched last week
throw candlestick back to the stone ages

yes! yes! yes!

It was the top of the sixth, Giants leading 2-1. A bad habit that I picked up in 2010 and continued in 2012 had emerged the last few days: I could barely stand to watch when the opposing team was batting, for fear that they might score runs. But since I was at the park, I couldn’t just sneak downstairs for a few minutes and avoid the game. By the sixth inning, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went to pee and get something to eat. Which is why I was standing at the urinal as I heard the biggest play of the night piped in on the radio feed in the restroom. “That’s one of the best plays we’ve ever seen in right field”, said Mike Krukow as I stared at the wall.

I was still glad I was at the game. I might have had a heart attack if I’d actually seen Pence’s catch.



I gave up on the widget that MLB gifted me with around inning three or four. Watching that play live might have killed me too. Wow.

Charlie Bertsch

I totally understand. I have had a policy since 2010 that I try never to watch or listen to a game via a single medium. And there are times when I have to look -- or "hear" -- away. I had taken Skylar to Dairy Queen in the 9th. Usually they have the TV tuned to the big sporting event of the evening, but for some reason the game wasn't on. I was following along on my phone until Casilla went from 0-2 on Harper to 3-2. Than I had to set my phone down.

Steven Rubio

Neal had much better timing than I did. He took his bathroom break just in time to miss "God Bless America". He learned that trick from me!


how that's a NICE trick. I miss White Rabbit.

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